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In fact, signing up at this website is potentially your first step toward receiving thousands of dollars worth of free stuff; you even get to pick the products you want, and you can expect them to show up within a month or so. And here is the really amazing thing: Aside from the small membership fees, the rest of this stuff is all totally free.

Is this too good to believe? Far from it, though, for sure, it is a tad unorthodox. For one thing, it is important to understand that Offer25 is not giving away these products. The products come to you from manufacturers, who are legally mandated to give stuff away in order to maintain their tax advantages. There is nothing shady or secretive at play here; it is just one of the finer points of manufacturer tax law!

For another thing, it is critical to understand that this is not a something-for-nothing proposition. That is to say, the site does not offer you thousands of dollars worth of stuff totally free and clear. As we said before, there is a small membership fee. Beyond that, you are asked to write a few words of feedback on the various products you receive—but more on that later. The bottom line is that this site really is your portal to something extraordinary—namely, to an easy, legal, and legitimate way of obtaining free products and merchandise. If this sounds appealing, then read on. Learn more about what this site is, what it offers, and how it is able to offer it at such minor cost to you!

A Little Bit of Background We will begin with these words of explanation, because understanding a few points about corporate taxes and manufacturer responsibilities is vital for understanding . Every year, major manufacturing companies—including name-brand electronics developers—give away millions of dollars in free products. These products are called “demos” or “samples,” and they are given to consumers just like you!

Why does this happen? Believe it or not, all of this is legally mandatory. These manufacturers are required to give away demos and sample products simply to maintain their tax advantages. If they are going to give stuff away, then—well, why not give it away to folks like you? In fact, most of these manufacturing companies budget for these hefty giveaway expenses. It is all rolled into their marketing budget. These are totally legitimate and above-board giveaways that are required by law, then, and used by these companies to help get some client feedback.

And that is basically the nature of the exchange here. The manufacturing company provides you with free products. You provide them with your thoughts on the merchandise. The manufacturer gets some useful consumer insight, and some major tax breaks; you get free stuff. Everybody wins! Enter the world of The obvious question here is, how can you get in? The answer, of course, is found in the form of a membership. Simply by joining the site and following their detailed members instructions you can begin receiving your free Merchandise, and you can enjoy a truly unique and amazing consumer experience!

But what exactly does your membership to this site entail? Basically, the membership fee provides you with access to an enormous database of products, most of them consumer electronics—including cameras, computers, and more. You can spend some time going through this database and selecting the items that interest you the most, noting specific model numbers and even picking your favorite colors. By selecting the items you want, you are essentially requesting that they get sent your way. You are not guaranteed to receive each and every product that you ask for, but you will receive some of them, and, within a month, you could have thousands of dollars worth of free stuff coming to your home! From there, you need only get busy with those brief product reviews, and ensure that these companies continue to send you samples and demos of their merchandise! The Odds and Ends

We have covered the basic exchange that is at play here, and given the gist of how this program works. It is legal and legitimate, and while there is some work involved, it is by no means difficult. Now, we get to a few final points—some stray odds and ends that need tying up. About the Reviews First, we might make a few comments about the reviews. This is a minor concern to some potential site members: Exactly how much work has to go into these reviews? The short answer is, very little.

You need only write a short e-mail—five sentences is plenty—and talk about what you like or do not like about your merchandise. Honestly, the manufacturers care very little; they get their tax advantages either way, though it is certainly helpful if you say a few words that are genuinely informative or constructive. Membership Levels Another question that potential users sometimes have is as to whether there are different membership levels available here. The short answer is yes.

There is a basic membership and a Gold membership. The differences between them are important to note. The most obvious difference, of course, is money. The Gold membership will set you back just a little bit more. The really important distinction, though, has to do with the database itself. A basic membership gets you access to the basic database, which has thousands of examples of consumer electronics to choose from. For Gold members, the database is expanded—and it includes not only electronics, but also auto parts, clothing, shoes, baby and children’s items, sporting goods, household items and more!

So what is the bottom line, when it comes to ?

For the consumer, the bottom line is simply this: That you can receive thousands of dollars worth of free merchandise—merchandise you choose yourself—and you can get it essentially free with . There is a small membership fee, true enough; and, you will have to pen a few brief product reviews. Even with those stipulations, this is a peerless, unbeatable deal. For more information on how it works, or simply to sign up and begin choosing products today, visit on the Web. – See more at:

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